What are the best bars in Antigua ?

Well let me start to list my favourite places and why:
Putters: pub quiz Thursday and this is also a place to escape touristic hell. Not that Antigua really does that. The music is slightly too quiet but it makes for better conv. Friendly locals and expats like it here. Also hit this on a Friday before the next bar …
Pepperz N’ Lime (Peppers and Lime)
Friday night in Antigua has been a tradition here since before the latest Mexican rebranding theming. Friday dress up or down no problem but don’t make the same mistake the locals do 😉   ; Don’t arrive too late ! Instead get there after say putters and enjoy more space and the ability to get served. The music is still good and it is nicely busy. But for an even better time do the Sunday Cooler Fete which is bring your own cooler and leave you inhibitions behind as you grind and whine away to a local DJ on the beach.
Crows Nest: Good value with themed evenings such as movie night, karaoke and salsa night, all the good stuff about this sports bar makes up for the too neutral music ! soft jazz etc karaoke on Wednesday is the best night IMO! Steve the new owner of the epicurean brought some great music across yesterday so hope this is to be repeated !
Bay House at Tradewinds : For arguably some of the best views on the island – the cocktails here are excellent I recommend a ginger twist on a mojito. You can find yourself a great table for food after a couple of warm up drinks.