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About this blog

This blog was moved from to for a few reasons (they started plastering ads all over was one annoyance). In the beginning I just wanted to start writing about this amazing island and the experiences I had there but quickly people were interested and it grew haphazardly. It was too big to get round to properly organizing it all and so it exists today. The island doesn’t change fast so don’t worry about the dates of some of the posts too much. I am always happy to hear from you the readers so please I encourage you to drop me a message and I will get back to you normally.

Any corrections are also greatly received.

I hope you enjoy Antigua as much as me.

This blog saw rise a child website

What will become of remains to be seen it could be a great place to reblog all that is Antigua with very short posts linking out to other stories about Antigua and Barbuda.


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We help arrange airport taxi services for your groups and in general any minivan transportation on the island

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We have a lot of island experience and are happy to help answer your questions about Antigua and Barbuda

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We help book Antigua Car Rental for you.

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Antigua holds a sunday sunset party and it is considered a must do event. We help you get there and back safely

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A steel pan ban Da Vibez plays in Antigua