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“Welcome to Antigua & Barbuda located in the north eastern corner of the Caribbean. Antigua is the largest of the British Leeward Islands with an area of 108 sq miles and a population of 90,000. The island of Barbuda is 62 sq miles with 1,500 people, but while Antigua is quite hilly Barbuda is very flat. Both islands are surrounded by coral reefs beautiful beaches and inhabited by a very warm and friendly people. Tourism is the main industry in this twin island nation which celebrates 31 years of independence from England on the 1st of November 2012. Both islands are rich in tropical plants sea birds and a wealth of colonial ruins remains, as the last evidence of 349 years of British Colonial history. While Antigua boasts of its 365 beaches; Barbuda is proud of its perfectly pink coral sand and the long stretches of beach property which surrounds the island. Come visit England in the tropics! Enjoy an experience which immerses you into seven thousand years of Amerindian history and 349 years of British Colonial history with Marcus Tours.”

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