Putters bar – pub quiz and putting next to Sandals

I have some regrets about making the very most of  all inclusive holidays in Antigua take last year for example – I may well have literally stumbled upon (or at least OUT OF) Putters next to the salt lake up in Dickenson Bay.

This is early - it gets nicely busy and rather fun.
This is early – it gets nicely busy and rather fun.

I was welcomed by a very friendly bunch buying shots just like that – it was a thursday Pub Quiz Antigua day and I even got to chat diving with the Divemasters and Instructors of Scandals. Drunken banter about Canada – the UK all the old stories rivalries and swapping notes that happens and that was the guys behind the bar ! They were sober and doing a grand job for the record, the rest is true.
SO – make sure you make it down when you visit Antigua. It has a great soundtrack ask A. I recommend the large sports screen small crazy golf and if you have kids a playground. But the bar is it’s best feature after the friendly crowd. You can do this as part of the Antigua Pub Crawl on a friday night.
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