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St Johns The Capital

Staying in St John’s?

St John’s is not just the capital of Antigua, it is also the place the many frequent cruise ships docks most days throughout the year.  It also also boasts many opportunities for some great shopping and a chance to learn more about the history and culture of Antigua.

Hotels in St John’s

Heritage Hotel

Cortsland Hotel

As St John’s occupies a relatively small part of Antigua, we have chosen to list all the Restaurants, Bars and Places of Interest together, as all will apply to whichever hotel or resort you are staying at.

Places of Interest

St John’s Walking Tour

Saint John’s Cathedral

St Johns Cathedral Antigua
St John’s Cathedral Antigua

Museum of Antigua and Barbuda

Kings Casino



Millers by the Sea

Spices of India

Papa Zouk

Hemmingways Caribbean Cafe

C & C Wine House


Millers by the Sea

C & C Wine Bar

Hemmingways Caribbean Cafe


Nightlife is very transient with places opening and closing with the season and other factors. Usually Dickenson Bay has stuff going on such as VYCE nightclub. You can get a good idea by asking locals in Putters Bar.