Long Term Rentals in Jolly Harbour

We wanted to put together this handy guide for those wishing to come to Jolly Harbour on a longer term basis. We will start by our own honest findings and as we spend some time here will elaborate on this page. If you would like to see something of yours here then contact us – it is more than likely possible.
[TIP- there are more likely to be long term rentals around until November when the season starts up]
Long Term Utilities Average Costs
Community charge:                      772.86 EC        $287.50 US
Cable TV:                                         86.25 EC          $31.95 US
Internet:                                        148.35 EC          $54.95 US
Or 4G wireless:                             169 EC$          $62.60 US
Water:                                       100 – 150 EC        $37-$55 US
Electricity only:                                  500 EC             $185 US
A/C 2 hours a day:             1,200 – 1,400 EC    $445-$452 US
A/C all day:    2,200 EC          $815 US
I know what you are thinking OMG ! So for example a long term rental of say 1000 has a community charge of 25% you do get to use some great facilities like the pool and the tennis courts for a very small fee and of course all that manicured greenery garbage and security. You may be used to a gated community and this rate may be normal. For a UK citizen it is a bit different. But here it is open to discussion and I welcome hearing your thoughts.
OK so more about our findings.
Great pool (when not overly chlorinated or busy or if it is a bit murkey) where you can learn to dive or teach your child to swim with swalings, or just enjoy the kids enjoying the pool ! Great Tennis facilities.
You will get charged to have a car in the grounds a fee of 10 dollars for your stay. Its annoying to pay again on top of the fees but I suppose its a reasonable amount still they make you jump through a little hoop to get it. You cant just buy a card for example.
En cours….