Who had the hardest morning ?

Swimming Instructor, Pupil or Dad ? It can be really hard to learn to swim and I had real nerves the night before (I am Dad !). Summer the pupil has been really clingy and I am happy to battle through the tears and there were lots today. I think it can be hard for the instructors when they (the pupil) really are doing anything but listening to you and just crying out wriggling and asking for mummy or daddy – I think there was plenty of wriggling and I would like to know on a scale of 1-10 where Summer rated in difficult-ness compared to others..I didn’t ask.
A half hour later (after the first lesson of a set of 5) and pupil was doing fine and progress has been made. A bit of coughing and spluttering as she started to learn that water was not just a fun layer (I have never let her just sink (on purpose)) today she felt the plunge a bit and then a bit of fear. This was good for her and after we had a normal ‘carry swim’ and I tried to apply some of the techniques and make sure that she ‘got back on the horse’.
Graham from swallings was instructor visit their website – there is a great video for the kind of thing they do. Zoe was very patient with all of my questions as a concerned dad.
Later than evening on Jolly beach Summer seems to have lost any fear she might have had and was trying to blow bubbles. If she is being quiet she is sneaking the saltwater in small doses – she doesn’t get any added on purpose in her diet of course.
After the 5th morning as we started at 8 summer swam with the aid of a woggle under her arms and was learning to grab the side of the pool and ‘spiderman’ along. She also jumped in with help and had started to learn to get used to being on her back. Being on the back is especially weird of course. I think I learned how to train her but its impossible with mum who is simply too scared to apply the same techniques as Graham and this is why swimming lessons are needed really. We would continue with them after Summer got a bit of a break as it was an intensive course after all. We wanted her to enjoy the water again which she was doing. I think a weekly session would be good now. The only issue is cost for us as Antigua is very expensive to live longer than a couple of weeks.