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Best Antigua Beach Tours

Here at Best Antigua, we have put together some suggestions for which beach or beaches to visit during your time on the island, allowing for differing personal tastes and requirements.  Each beach has a map showing you how far from the dock it is to reach, any ongoing travelling required and the return duration to dock.  We have also detailed what you will find there and our own personal feedback on why this rates to make it on our list of must sees.

Ffryes Beach and Darkwood Beach

Two of our favourites, presented together as an ideal Beach Tour for 2 main reasons.  Firstly, they are located next to each other on the coastline and secondly, they represent the more tucked away gems of Antigua, rather than the more ‘touristy’ beaches featured for tours.

The route from St John’s to Ffryes Beach



Ffryes Beach is located less than 30 minutes from St. John’s and really is one of those beaches that typifies paradise.  The waters are so clear and the most amazing hues of blue and turquoise, with the finest white sand you can imagine.  Dennis’ Cocktail Bar & Restaurant offers you the chance to have a coffee or drinks and serves lunches that will cater to most appetites and tastes.  Personally, we would choose to have our snack or lunch stop as part of the Ffryes Beach stop, as the service faster, more reliable and offers greater choice.  There are highchairs available for those with children, but no baby changing facilities.  Music is available at differing times of the day and the beach itself is popular, but rarely crammed as it is off the beaten track.


Darkwood Beach takes the beauty and serenity of Ffryes and ratchets things up a notch in the ‘wow’ stakes.  There is a bar and restaurant here called Darkwood Beach Bar & Restaurant.  They do not have a website, but can be checked out on TripAdvisor here.  They do offer great deals on buckets of beer with a sun lounger for two, which just adds to the idyllic feel of the whole place.  This beach is our personal favourite due to the fact it is so romantic and not as obvious as some of the others.

The return journey from Darkwood Beach to St. John’s

Getting there and back

Don’t worry, we have that covered too!  We have a great partner on the island that we work with for airport shuttle runs and other tours, so you can step off the ship and into an awaiting car, hassle free.

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