Woods Mall Antigua

In fact 3 places of interest here and one being woods mall which really is a good pharmacy stocking things as wide out as toys and play doh – to the things you get in a pharmacy but otherwise a bit of a disapointment. Also here is a bank the scotia and LIME store where I got me hooked up to a pay as you go on my iphone4. But just up next mall has an awesome cafe that is a break from the caribbean and very much a san fran ¬†coffee shop experience and really good food at great price – swing on by. And then the final 3rd point of interest here is the big epicurean supermarket perhaps the best place to get groceries on the island albeit at a price that may be more than what you should be paying (meat from St Johns meat market for example…)
It is north east of St Johns in a kind of a suburb you can find it on the tourist map.
anyway gotta go rum punch taking hold….