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Adventure Xtreme Antigua

Lets first look at a couple of videos !!!

Right the highlights (in-between the thrills of the fast rides between the best places- really great places)

Green island – Spend lunch in paradise on an amazing day you will never forget.

Green Island Antigua
Lunch on Green Island, bounty commercial !

The north sound islands –

Stingray City –

Stingray City
Antigua, a place where you can swim with stingrays. How cool – #instagood

Nelsons Dockyard –

Antigua Harbour Boats
Ok this is falmouth but the spirit is the same – take a look on this site to find other English Harbour Info.

Snorkelling at the pillars of Hercules –

Rendezvous Bay –

This at sea speed isn’t for everyone not the pregnant for a start, if you don’t like the idea of 42mph cruise speed on some ‘bumpy water’ then it may not be for you. But it isn’t so bad and it may just be the thrill you need to shake the body up. You won’t get a more eco friendly efficient way to enjoy one of the best Caribbean island.

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