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Coconut Beach Club

Self proclaimed as the friendliest and most affordable resort in Antigua you would need to include it on your initial list. Located just 10 minutes south west of St Johns is CBC. It has a lot of charm and the immediate area is beautiful the house beach Yepton Beach is adequate but not as nice as Deep Bay just a 20 minute walk. If you don’t mind things a little tired (like the Halcyon Rex) I prefer to describe this as rustic then you might consider this resort.

Activities include nature walks, sunfish sailing, kayaking, snorkelling, arranged scubadiving, Tennis and live entertainment 3 times per week to name some things to do.

Wedding packages start from just $850 USD so you can probably consider this one of the cheapest destinations to get married in the Caribbean.

Coconut Beach Club

It reviews very well having said that. It’s a relaxing place rather than a fun place and the kids might get a bit bored here. It does have tennis courts and massage and beauty treatments available.

Antigua Vegetation Surrounds this Resort

Lounge Area at Dusk
One of their Deluxe Suite Rooms
One of their Deluxe Suite Rooms
infinity pool
The infinity pool.


Another trip report..

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  1. Carlett
    December 8, 2013 @ 5:15 pm

    My friend and I bought a living social deal to stay at Coconut Beach Club for 5 days in April 2013 and made reservations to stay at the resort Dec.2-7,2013. We confirmed with Coconut Beach club in April 2013 upon booking and did an online hotel check-in 3 days before our trip. After our 5 hour uncomfortable plane trip from NYC to Antigua we took a cab from the airport to the resort. When we got to the resort,the staff told us they are OVERBOOKED and can’t accomodate us! Mind you again we booked our trip and reservations 8 months in advance and confirmed with them 3 days before our arrival and they tell us when we got there that Sorry we are overbooked!I have never heard in my life as a frequent traveler anything like that! So Coconut Beach Club said they will roll over our reservation to another resort nearby called Hawksbill Resort. We were brought there and took a look at it and it looked the total opposite of Coconut Beach club.It looked old,outdated,and kinda dingey.This is not we paid for and agreed to. I will fight for a full refund with living social. Coconut beach club also did this to another group of 2 girls who booked in March! My friend and I were 2 young females stranded in a foreign country and were able to find a better resort nearby-Blue Waters which was beautiful and much better.So I warn all of you-DO NOT STAY HERE!!!


  2. badtoilet
    December 31, 2013 @ 10:18 am

    How much did you pay – if it was a thing like groupon then I would have really been nervous myself. Having said that a reservation should have been a reservation and checking 3 days prior should have them telling you what they told you upon arrival. The hawksbill is like other rex resorts – a bit tired but in well located spots. Still I understand why you were not happy. I just hope that they sort out their mistake with you properly and that it doesn’t happen again.

    I don’t think you are being fully fair to the resort as you haven’t really commented on it and you were not in a position to apart from the overbooking. I think you protest a little too much and DO NOT STAY HERE is the part I feel is unfair. I can understand your venom towards them however.


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