Antigua Vs St Lucia

I have to say that both islands feel very different. The first thing you notice is that getting around St Lucia takes a lot longer especially for example the transfer from the airport. So bad is the 2 hour winding trek by minivan I am not looking to visit soon. I think it really hits the islands repeat business. However its not the end of the story. Many will tell you that after this St Lucia is better in almost all respects. I disagree with that apart from there may be a bunch more diverse tours to do as simply the size and topography of St Lucia offers a greater variety of tours. One example is the mountain biking in St Lucia which isn’t available in Antigua.

Antigua Pros

Antigua has the best beaches, however both islands have great examples you are always closer to a great beach in ¬†Antigua. It truly is Antigua’s best asset.
Friendly people.
Short transfers no matter where you are on the island.
Stunningly beautiful island but may be bested at times by the magnificence and scale of St Lucia.
All the tours you could need.

Antigua Cons

It’s size is in fact a Pro for the tourist so consider that this is only an issue for those spending a longer period here.
The jump up in Shirley Heights isn’t as good as in Gros Islet (St Lucia Jump up)

St Lucia Pros

Great range of tours.
Beautiful island.

St Lucia Cons

The transfer is gruelling. And post that any tour that is often away from the Rodney bay area will require again a hellish trip – but its not so bad really just the transfer is bad as its after the flight and immigration of you like.
We would really like to hear from YOU if you have visited both islands and get your view – please do comment here if you have. We hope this comparison between St Lucia and Antigua has been a good helpful one in your decision making on which Caribbean island to pick!