Trade Winds Hotel for Business and Pleasure

Not just for the business user nor the Antigua holidaymaker a day pass could be the ideal tonic to your rental cottage or condo. It’s restaurant bar area is so nice it’s a great place to dine and meet people who live and work on the island.┬áThe rooms are finished to an exceptional standard with balconies and views across the azure sea. I recommend the Antigua breakfast with an intro to the salt fish and johhny cake (none left for a pic !) excellent. If you are in the evening then get the mixologist Altino to work up a special cocktail just for you. It’s a shame I hadn’t seen this when I was staying at the halcyon rex as I would have surely taken a few evening dinners and drinks up here.
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Ideal for the business man/group with a large conference room facility; it is also a place you can get married in, or for other events. If you dine here you can use the pool too. So there are many options open to you – start with dinner and make the decision to come back for the day. The rains do not disrupt your relaxation under the restaurant roof if it’s a day like that even alfresco.
Some dislike the sand, up here it’s sand free and the fresh trade winds blowing through the tropical designer garden will keep you refreshed and cool. It’s a hidden gem for Antigua flying it’s own niche flag – make sure you check it out.