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Typical weather for January in Antigua

This month is considered to be IN SEASON and prices will be higher. The ocean temperature is the coldest it gets 26ºC (80ºF) which is still nice. You might be less comfortable being in the water at night whereas in Summer time (low season) you can stay in the sea after nightfall. Consider a shortie wetsuit if you are looking at scuba diving in Antigua or if like me you get cold a full 3 – 5mm wetsuit.

The temperature highs are in the day of course and there will be less cloud cover generally.

It is considered IN SEASON because there are very low risk of hurricanes and the northern countries USA Canada etc are very cold making them feel like a cheap vacation in Antigua. It is generally a drier month than that of summer.

Antigua should try to rid itself of the tourist seasons notion as I feel its great year round.

January Monthly Averages
25° C (77.0° F)22° C (72.0° F)21

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