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  1. ANTIGUA HOLIDAY 2016 – DAY 4 | Best Antigua
    February 3, 2016 @ 5:07 pm

    […] That all was just the morning then some air con time in the room and we struck off straight to Shirley Heights. The Shirley Heights area is quite vast so there is not a single gate that is chargeable. You will pay at the various gatehouses and it is 20EC per person for the Shirley Heights Lookout area. There are some spectacular hikes available around here but I suspect many are put off because if you want to visit the area for a hike you don’t want to be paying as if you are visiting the tourist attraction. Shirley Heights lookout is also a Thursday and Sunday evening event – see day one Antigua Holiday 2016. The views are the big selling point in the day not much goes on there is a restaurant and bar in one of the historic buildings. I really enjoyed testing the zoom out on my sony camera and thinking how different the place felt from the fun music filled Sunday. I really would have loved the freedom to have just set off exploring hiking in the area. But English Harbour beckoned and was our next stop. You might think its a small walk to Shirley Heights by the road but its a bit further than a normal person would like. Of course it’s an option to save on a taxi fare from Falmouth Harbour area where the road starts. Shirley Heights has an expansive grassy area where you can space out from the Sunday crowds and here you find the Lookout Trail that heads down to Galleon beach. […]


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