Antigua Vs Barbados as a Holiday

Antigua Vs Barbados

The quick version
Barbados is easier to plug into nightlife having areas like St Lawrence Gap – the better places seem to be outside of this relative touristic trap however.
Barbados may have more top notch resorts and restaurants (the very top is Sandy Lane) but really in a holiday it’s not a consideration.
Barbados only slightly has better/more watersports or more reliable instructional centers for sports like windsurfing or surfing and kitesurfing. If your looking for calmer waters to do hobby cats then you may prefer Antigua.
Barbados is more developed but Antigua has more charm, I am yet to put my finger on why.
Antigua has better beaches. The resorts sitting on Dickenson Bay are particularly lucky – But you wouldn’t catch me staying in Sandals it’s too pricey for what you get.
Antigua (feels) is easier to drive around.
Antigua is quieter but Barbados out of season also can feel quiet. Both islands you can find quiet or noise indeed.
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