Lower Gatzby Apartment review Antigua Jolly Harbour

For the 3 months that we will have been here Lower Gatzby Apartment was simply the best place we have stayed and we stayed in it for 3 weeks. We felt comfortable very comfortable here.
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The owners go beyond the norm to make sure that your stay is a good one. For the very odd few things that I couldn’t find like a pairing knife they went out and got some. Then I discovered there were some knives right at the back of the draw.
The single room suited us and we didn’t have to worry about stairs with Summer who seemed to like it as well. It is tiled throughout and the living room has a really nice comfortable sofa. The decking is charming and a great place to spend some time in the evening. I was happy to watch my daughter here but you can’t let a child on the deck without supervision as the gap in the fencing is large enough for her to get through. The owners were very clear in stating that this was not child proof themselves. We are great parents and watch Summer at all times this was not going to be an issue.
The bathroom is nice and of wet concept and the shower is brilliant (full water temperature control) – another great thing about this place is that it is so easy to control the temperature of the living areas. The ac units are big enough to cope and so long as you keep the doors and windows closed the electricity should not be overly high if you are turning it off when you leave. The tv is a great big plasma one. Security to the property is in a side door entry which leads to the deck and you walk around the back to the double locks on the doors.
I almost forgot to say that this place is well located being close to South Beach and Castaways Bar and Restaurant. You get a free lounger but have to pay for an umbrella if you would like to use one which is standard for owners and vacationers.
I could find some subjective faults if I really tried hard, but take it from a fussy guy that you can book this place in full confidence.